Artist Gary Webb use Chromespray in show-stopping sculptures

26th April 2017

Chromespray has recently worked with renowned London artist Gary Webb to create beautiful contemporary sculptures.

This abstract sculpture designed by Webb is a memorial for charity fundraiser Walter ‘Snowy’ Far.


This piece by Webb is called ‘Dreamy Bathroom’ It is a large-scale sculpture that has a interesting combination of colour, forms and finishes- one of which being Chromespray.


This is a recent sculpture by Webb, and chromed by Chromespray.


As you can see Chromespray is a perfect way to transform a beautiful sculpture into an edgy, fresh, modern piece of 3D art.

Chromespray provides a shiny metal-like finnish on any material such as wood and plastics. We can also add tints to the chrome such as golds, bronze, blues and reds.