Chrome wheel refurbishment

26th April 2017

Whether you are seeking the latest and greatest concepts for custom wheels or simply restoring old, scuffed or tarnished rims, Chromespray is the future of wheel refurbishment.

Create unique and eye-catching wheels with Chromespray, which can be applied to any material to create the illusion of precious metal.


This fantastic method is currently unseen in the wheel refurbishment industry – chrome guarantees to make you stand out from the crowd.

Chromespray maximises the effect of natural light, creating a dynamic and futuristic mirror effect.

In a multitude of colours, Chromespray gives you unlimited creative opportunities to create fantastic wheel effects like never before Chromespray can also be used to restore old, tarnished wheels to their former glory Рthey will be indistinguishable from their original factory finish.

Chrome spraying is a great emerging, fast growing, viable business to get involved in, with a long term potential.

IMG_1507 IMG_2906

If you enjoy painting and do it well, you are in a great position to start your own spraychome business. Or, we can offer this service for you in our fully-equipped factory in Basildon, Essex.

We have successfully chromed over wood, glass, plastics, carbon fibre, 3d prints, all metals and even an apple. Since the product works extremely well over car filler any item can be reworked as new.