The future is Chromespray

8th October 2015

We don`t just sell the equipment, paint and chrome chemicals. We have been using and experimenting with silver nitrate for over a decade and now using our experience to market this superb product.


Reasons to Buy

Our newest addition comes with convenient 15 litre stainless vessels and utilises the Deluxe Chrome Gun insuring the highest quality finish with complete repeatability. This trolly set up can tackle any size job large or small. So whether its a matter of space or simply cost our new Chrome System is certain to be the perfect addition to any shop. In fact it will enhance your current business and you will be tapping into new market opportunities that you would never have thought possible before. Having built a fully equipped factory in Basildon that uses the product day in day out, you can be assured it works every time.

We have the only system that allows you to complete a job in only one day. Most systems are totally inflexable. They only allow you to chrome after the primer coat has been left for at least 24 hours untouched or having the chrome to stand for a day before clear coating. The last thing you need is half completed work hanging around for days.

This is the only system which is fully compatable with the United Kingdom weather conditions. Hot in the morning and cold in the afternoon – if it can work in the UK it will also work around the world. Unlike our competitors we do not need to heat our chemicals or have specially warmed temperature controlled rooms to chrome in. It has been designed to work at varying temperatures and humidities.

We have the only system on the market which allows you to carry out repair work on the primer coat. In the past this has been impossible, but now with technological advances in nano and partical cleaning, we have made it possible.