Basic Chrome Machine

Chrome spray allows you to spray a chrome like finish on anything from metals, ceramics, plastics, glass and even wood with a mirror like chrome!

This mid-size machine is equipped with the necessary stations  and guns to perform the plating. For the application of the pre-activator and activator using external sprayers.
Its small dimensions allow easy transport.

The process is ideal for use where traditional electroplating plating and vacuum metallizing are unsuitable due to cost, size, design, substrate material, or environmental issues.

The Basic Chrome Machine Includes:

• (4) 20 Litre Pressure Vessels
• Rinse Gun
• Activator Gun and separate pot- ideal for one-offs and small runs.
• Inline site flow gauges- provide visual guarantee you have even material.
• Heavy Duty castors tackle even the bumpiest of shop floors with ease.
• Convenient, easy to use, separate pre-activator, activator and antoxidant spray bottles.
• Upgraded Dual Component Spray Gun.

Upgraded Dual Component Spray Gun features:

• Improved enhanced and tweaked spray pattern> Finer mist> Simple set up
• Nozzles closer together giving a faster, cleaner chrome with less chance of chemical underlap
• Need for less air pressure
• It’s brown


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